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The Bloom Naturopathic Boutique in Encinitas, California is an advanced naturopathic medicine center focused on providing patients with the best naturopathic health care possible.

If you’ve been feeling tired, irritable, and anxious, or if you are unable to sleep, or are gaining weight and are concerned that the current model of mainstream medicine is not providing you a way to address these issues, then consider what Bloom has to offer. Bloom is here to provide you with a place to address your needs on all levels of your being.

Bloom’s approach is to incorporate the wisdom of ancient healing arts along with the most innovative, cutting edge technologies of today’s naturopathic medicine to design a complete “plan of health” individualized to each and every person. Every person is assessed as an individual and every treatment plan is customized to match each person’s needs. “We look for what others may have missed and we pride ourselves on looking at all aspects of your health in our extensive consults”, according to Dr. Ward, N.D., Bloom’s Director. Bloom’s conservative approach to keeping you healthy and well has been time tested and proven and is greatly appreciated by Bloom’s patients.

Bloom naturopathic doctors and staff are active in the community donating time to public speaking on many aspects of naturopathic health and wellness. They are also actively engaged in women’s health issues including supporting the Keep-A-Breast foundation’s ‘Prevention is the Cure’ and ‘Non-Toxic Revolution’. Bloom is also responsible for numerous innovations in naturopathic health including a menu of Nutritional Cocktail ‘Shots’ including the multiple B-Vitamin based shots as well as important innovations in injectable micro-nutrient therapy formulations. Bloom also has launched the first Nutritional Cocktail Blend Bar™ and the first Bloom Mobile™ Naturopathic Health van. The Bloom philosophy is based on ‘Let Your Life Be Your Medicine™’ and truly is a ‘New Medicine for the 21st Century™.’

Naturopathic medicine is a distinct and comprehensive system of primary health care that uses natural methods and substances to support and stimulate the body’s self healing process.” (A Consumer’s Guide to Naturopathic Medicine published by the State of California’s Department of Consumer Affairs September 2009.) Naturopathic doctors are trained in a wide variety of complimentary and alternative therapies including: herbal and homeopathic medicine, clinical nutrition and diet; vitamins, amino acids, minerals, enzymes and nutraceuticals; physical medicine such as massage, bodywork, exercise therapy and hydrotherapy; counseling and behavioral therapies; and health and lifestyle counseling. In addition, naturopathic doctors may prescribe hormones and may also order other prescription drugs in collaboration with a medical doctor.

Meet the Staff

Dr. Amanda Ward, N.D. – Owner, Founder

Dr. Amanda Ward, N.D. is the founder of Bloom Naturopathic Health. She has received specialized training and certification in numerous aspects of natural medicine in addition to her Naturopathic medical degree. She believes strongly in the core philosophies of Naturopathic medicine which include treat the root cause, treat the whole person, and seek the most natural and conservative approach first. Dr. Ward, N.D. speaks frequently on topics of hormone balance, women’s health, natural weight loss, and naturopathic medicine. She has made numerous appearances on T.V., radio, and in magazine publications. Her goal is to listen and connect with each of her patients and help them to attain the best personal health in the most natural way possible. drward
After receiving a bachelors degrees in Botany and Chemistry from Weber State University, Dr. Amanda Ward, N.D. was awarded her doctorate degree in Naturopathic Medicine from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine. After graduating from naturopathic medical school, Dr. Ward, N.D. underwent extensive board examinations to become certified as a Naturopathic Doctor, and is licensed to practice Naturopathic Medicine in the state of California. Dr. Ward, N.D. is a member of both the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians, and the California Naturopathic Doctor’s Association. Dr. Ward, N.D. believes that the body possesses an inherent ability to heal itself and seeks to properly support that natural healing process. She has used these core principles to guide her in her own private practice, which she began in 2007. With the help of advanced diagnostic laboratory testing, physical exams, and advanced comprehensive evaluations, she is able to provide a thorough health assessment and develop a personalized naturopathic health plan. Some of the modalities utilized by Dr. Ward, N.D. are micro-nutrient therapy, nutritional supplementation, bio-identical hormone replacement, botanical medicine, homeopathy, I.V. treatments, vitamin shots, detoxification, natural weight loss, and lifestyle and diet counseling.

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NOTE: Naturopathic Medicine is a distinct and comprehensive system of primary health care that uses natural methods and substances to support and stimulate the body's self healing process.

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