Adrenal Glands

August 19, 2015

Hello, I’m Dr. Ward from Bloom Natural Health, and this is my Bloom Blog. Today I’m going to talk about the adrenal glands, which are very important walnut-sized glands that sit on top of each of our kidneys. These glands are responsible for so many important functions. Probably the most well known hormone that the adrenal glands produce is called cortisol, which is known as the stress response hormone, or our “fight-or-flight” hormone. We release cortisol during times of stress, but we also release it in small amounts throughout the day to maintain things like energy levels and the sleep/wake cycle. Unfortunately, in our country, we tend to all stress just a little too much, so we end up pumping out way too much cortisol and way too much adrenaline. What then happens is that some of our “feel-good” hormones that should be pumping out of our adrenal glands get put on the back burner because we go into adrenal stress mode all day long.

Fortunately, there is a lot we can do to assess and treat the health of your adrenals. We run a few different lab markers, some in the blood, some in the saliva. When we do this, we will often times see a “reverse cortisol curve”, which is the opposite of normal. Your cortisol should be nice and high in the morning, getting you right out of bed, and then it should slowly creep down throughout the day and stay low at night to help you sleep through the night. How many of you are dragging to get out of bed in the morning? And then around 5, 6, 7 PM you get your second wind, and can’t get yourself back to bed? These are classic things we will see with unhealthy cortisol, which often expresses itself in symptoms such fatigue and insomnia. It is very common to have an adrenal issue. If you think you may have one, please come in. There is a lot we can do to replete and balance them, so I hope to see you here for some adrenal health support!

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