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DISCOVERYMicronutrient & Hormone Testing Our Discovery process utilizes breakthrough lab testing technology which allows Bloom to assess the details of your micronutrient profile. This allows us to provide targeted, individualized solutions to help bring levels back to normal. We have learned that missing or deficient nutrients and hormones can cause significant performance and recovery gaps. Our goal is to find these deficiencies and resupply your body with what it needs as quickly and efficiently as possible through IV nutrition, nutritional shots, nutritional supplements, natural hormone replacement and a supported diet. PROLO & PRPLigament and Joint Support Prolotherapy is a party of Bloom’s innovative program to deal with sports injuries and pain. It has become one of the standards of a natural, non-toxic approach to acute and chronic joint pain. Prolotherapy has been found to create a natural response in the local tissue around the injury site with the release of growth factors, which can help bring fibroblasts, platelets, and increase circulation to the area. This can help the recovery and regeneration of normal, healthy tissue, and facilitate faster healing time. IV NUTRITIONRecovery and Performance The human body requires a number of nutrients that are very vital to functional physiology known as micronutrients. The proper administration and supplementation of these nutrients can be a key component in recovery and peak performance. The micronutrients required by humans include vitamins, antioxidants, cofactors and microelements such as iron, cobalt, copper, iodine and zinc among others. In many cases, we are able to get the micronutrients from our diets. In some cases a patient will have an imbalance or deficiency of nutrients that cannot be corrected by diet due to absorption issues or due to their increased consumptions. Direct intravenous or intramuscular administration of micronutrients allows us to reach therapeutic concentrations of the nutrients in the blood in their unmodified forms. NUTRITIONAL HEALTHY SHOTS This includes 3 proprietary shot formulations designed that can help boost, restore, and replenish nutrient levels based on your Discovery results or needs. They include critical function nutrients like B-1, B-12, B-6, and modulating homeopathics with several other micronutrient combinations known to be important to recovery and balance.


“I was happy to find Bloom has developed a program to support my athletic pursuits. I am relieved that there are natural and conservative approaches to help me stay healthy and strong on my bike.” -Allen, Cyclist “I really needed a natural alternative to the steroid injection that I was getting regularly. Bloom’s ‘PROLO’ was really helpful in getting me back on the field and out of pain.” -Sarah, Runner

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