My Skincare Regime

November 18, 2015

Fun Fact: Our skin is the body’s largest organ and biggest barrier against infection.

The skin of an average adult weighs 8-10 pounds and averages an area of about 22 square feet.

Today we are talking about something super fun and that is skin care. I am slightly obsessed with a good skin care regime. I think it makes a huge difference, I always say that beauty truly comes from within because we must nourish ourselves from within, we need to make sure our hormones, nutrients and everything is in balance. But, it can go a long way to get the right stuff on the outside of the skin.

So literally today, I am talking about stuff that I use every single day, these products are my faves. I do a giant regime internally too; I am doing smoothies, supplements, and a ton of stuff but these are my core topicals.

So a lot of this stuff is from this cool company, Body Deli. I like them, they are right out of Palm Springs. Their products are like organic super foods, for your face.

We are consuming green juices and cool things but literally they take all that raw organic super food and they grind it into super fresh skin care. At Bloom, we keep it in the fridge because you want to keep it super fresh. So I am going to go down the road of my daily regime with what I do.

People ask me all the time, what is it that you are doing? My cleanser is Body Deli’s, Blueberry Fusion Cleanser, a few active ingredients are wild blueberry and acai puree. It’s loaded with malic acid, citric acid and lactic acids; all these acids are awesome because they cause a lot of cell turn over, you can get a really good resurfacing of your skin with that. I put on the cleanser and I leave it on for about 2 minutes while I’m in the shower and literally you feel it, it’s A LOT of tingle, two minutes is really all you can do to keep it on, but my fave! When I am done with that, when I am still in the shower, I then do my peel. I literally do this four times a week, Body Deli’s Radiance Enzyme Superfood Peel, the major star in this is the Manuka honey, super awesome! As Naturopathic Doctors we know honey is very healing to the skin, you can put it on burns, bites or stings. This is for Illumination so this does the very fine, fine resurfacing and it literally tastes like honey, it’s delightful.

Once I’m out of the shower, I have my three daytime topicals. My absolute most favorite skin topical is Oxciell, I use Super Oxicell, the main ingredient in here is glutathione. Glutathione’s like your number one antioxidant, super potent, protects the skin from sun damage, oxidative damage. Love Oxicell, I put it on my face, neck, décolletage… I also always put on Body Deli’s Vital C Serum, this is like super high dose vitamin c, again protecting your skin from new damage. I tend to have hyper pigmentation, I have to watch hyper pigmentation and aging and all that, so I always have my C. Then I like to combine it with Body Deli’s Nutri Peptide Serum, this is a mix of B vitamins, sea buckthorn, and wasabi extract. This is really good for toning the skin, keeping the tone of the muscles, jawline and neck. So I literally put a pump of each, combine in the palm of my hand and apply it to the face, that is my daytime.

For my nighttime, it’s all about moisturizing and regenerating! So for this I use Body Deli’s Crème de la Rose, this uses a Bulgarian rose extract; its super rich, it feels super good on the face. It takes a while to really sink in cause it is so rich, but super moisturizing and restorative. My daytime topicals are daily protective, while my cleanser and peel are good resurfacing, we have to keep good cell turnover going at all times. So this is my regime, everyone is a little bit different and we have several products. We are all about customization at Bloom, so please come on in.

I look forward to seeing you at bloom.

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