Our goal is to provide our Bloom patients with the finest Natural Bio-Aesthetic products and services available, in the most holistic way possible. We offer many innovative naturopathic alternatives to toxic beauty treatments, and we offer products with ingredients that help redefine ‘natural’ and ‘organic’. If you are concerned about the ingredients in your beauty products or are looking for natural alternatives to the currently available aesthetic treatments, then call us for a FREE consultation. People are consistently surprised at the quality and effectiveness of the natural solutions to skin and face health that we offer at Bloom.


NOTOX NATURAL BIO-AESTHETICS This is a non-toxic two part treatment we have found to have wonderful results with supporting the reduction of the effects of aging on the face, neck, and skin. These two components together are the basis to Boom’s natural bio-aesthetics program. COLLAGEN PRP The first component uses our own natural and fresh collagen cells centrifuged, reduced and carefully applied to areas of concern on the face and skin. CYTOKINES The second component uses Cytokine Bio-Aesthetics which is a revolutionary combination of cytokines, growth factors, and homeopathic creams.


SKINGLO SHOTS AND IV’S Supplying you with the depleted or deficient nutrients you need to stay looking and feeling great including vitamins, minerals and other micronutrients. Healthy skin from your healthy cellular biochemistry. VITASSE ORGANIC SKIN CARE Vitasse Organic Skin care line with organic coldpressed essential oils. Truly a European quality crafted skincare with a small family behind the limited production. PRESCRIPTION ANTI-AGING SKIN CARE DermBiotix has been a favorite with patients with problem skin and is compounded by our quality formulation experts at Lavita Compounding Pharmacy. ESSENTIALS OILS High quality food grade (consumable) Essential Oils should be a part of every morning healthy skin and skin detoxification routine. Wide selection.


Bloom’s Notox BioAesthetic treatment is my new choice after years of trying everything else and nothing lasting. -Linda After trying all the common plastic fillers and drug injections, I tried the Notox BioAesthetic Facial PRP. I love it. I felt cleaner, softer, and more radient. I felt like I did the right thing for myself. -CarolNotox treatment was half the price and twice than nice as anything I have tried before. Thank you, Bloom. –Suzi

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