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The Bloom Discovery Lounge is the first, most important step on your new path to health.

Know  your Micronutrient Levels. Micronutrient Deficiency Syndrome can dramatically affect sleep, focus, energy, and performance.  Get tested, get balanced, and Bloom Healthy!

On your initial consult we go over your health history and initiate a series of tests to help us understand your individual needs and find the most efficient and economical way to help you build your health. The Discover phase includes:

Lab Testing –  Detailed lab testing provides insight into your individual needs and deficiencies.  Comprehensive labs with functional analysis are performed, We get to you know you from the inside out, this allows us to help uncover the root cause, which is one of our Bloom Healthy principles.

Recent developments in laboratory techniques and technologies allow us to test for the following:

Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids, Antioxidants, Carbohydrate Metabolism, Fatty Acids, Metabolites, Hormones, Neurotransmitters


History of Development and Rationale for Use of Lymphocytes

In the 1980’s, Dr. William Shive, a biochemist and researcher in the field of nutrition at the University of Texas, Austin, realized that serum tests for many vitamins and minerals did not adequately reflect the biological efficacy or functionality of these nutrients within the body. Serum levels of nutrients were felt to inadequately reflect the true state of a person’s nutrition for the following reasons:

1. Serum measurements are transient – they represent a snapshot rather than a history of nutrient intake.

2. Serum measurements are heavily influenced by a patient’s recent nutrition – thus, a temporary change in diet prior to the test can present a skewed view of the patient’s normal nutrient intake.

3. Serum levels may not reflect intracellular nutrient status. Patients may have biochemical differences with respect to the transport of different nutrients from their blood into their cells. For example, two patients may show similar serum measurements for folic acid, but may differ with respect to the capacity of their cells to take up folic acid. Thus, one patient would have a functional deficiency of folic acid that would not be revealed by serum measurements.

In an effort to overcome the above deficiencies inherent in serum determinations, Dr. Shive invented a test that could reveal the function of a specific accumulated nutrient within human cells. Moreover, the test could be applied to a wide variety of nutritional supplements. The first step in the development of this test was the identification of appropriate cells to use for the functional assays. Dr. Shive chose lymphocytes for the following reasons:

1. Lymphocytes are readily available. Sufficient numbers can be obtained by venipuncture, are easily isolated from other components of the blood and can be maintained in culture from a matter of days to weeks.

2. Dr. Shive was able to develop a fully defined chemical medium that would support the growth of human lymphocytes in culture without need for addition of undefined sera or growth hormones, components needed in almost all other types of cell culture.

3. The availability of a fully defined growth medium is essential to analyze the uptake and function of micronutrients in a given cell population. Results obtained can be attributed solely to the nutrient

being analyzed without concern about undefined medium components influencing the results.

4. The majority of lymphocytes obtained by venipuncture are in a resting state in terms of cell division. Since lymphocytes have a life span of months to years, the levels of individual nutrients accumulated in these lymphocytes represent a history of the patient’s nutrient status over the life span of the lymphocytes. This situation is analogous to the use of HbA1c measurements for approximation of a diabetic patient’s glucose levels over the months preceding the test. Thus, lymphocytes provide a history rather than just a snapshot of nutrient intake.

5. Resting lymphocytes can be stimulated by a lymphocyte specific mitogen to undergo cell division and grow in culture. The degree of growth the lymphocytes can maintain is directly related to the nutrients they have available. Thus, the SpectraCell micronutrient tests provide a functional analysis of nutrient levels accumulated in human lymphocytes over their resting life span.

6. The above combination of properties are unique to lymphocytes. The micronutrient tests could not be similarly carried out with any other type of human cell. Micronutrient Testing

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