Spring Cleaning – The Healthy Way

April 11, 2015

Since it’s Spring time, I want to talk about Spring cleaning for our bodies. Everybody is always shocked to find out how toxic all of us really are. They actually do cord blood studies to find out what’s in brand newborn babies. It’s shocking to know that the average baby born in this country has over 200 toxins at birth. Toxins are in our air, food and water. The most toxic environment is actually our own homes.

The number one thing we recommend is to take our shoes off before entering the house, because think of where your shoes have been trampling all day, over grass with pesticides, and fertilizers. But also, look in your house: what do you wash your clothes in? Are your cleaning products all organic? Do you have mold, spores or animal dander floating through the air? No matter what, our houses are the most toxic, but just assume that we are all toxic. So, Spring cleaning is very important.

We like to test in our blood work all the important organs of elimination, including gall bladder, liver, kidneys, and lymphatic system and gut. We test as many of those as we can in our discovery program, and then we put people on custom detox programs. It’s really important for everybody to be conscious of how important it is to detox. Spring is the best season to do it, but I think we should all be focusing on detox on a daily basis.

The most important points are: getting testing done, knowing where toxins hang out in your body, knowing how to avoid toxins as best you can, and knowing how to detox are all super important things to focus on. I can’t wait to see you at Bloom, and let’s talk about

Spring cleaning for you!

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