About your Individual Health Plan and Bloom’s Innovative, Comprehensive Program of Health and Wellness

We have developed six important steps to health and wellness that are the foundation of the Bloom Comprehensive Health Plan. We feel each step is necessary to achieve what we see as a golden opportunity to age gracefully, avoid chronic or debilitating illness, and keep your healthcare costs reasonable. We see these steps as the conservative and proactive approach to healthcare. Each step makes the path to the next step easier and gives each person their own personalized healthy goals and objectives for their proactive efforts.

These are the six steps that make up the Bloom Comprehensive Health Plan

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In the discovery phase, we look for what others may have missed…what no one thought to look for, and what is truly needed to re-establish and maintain balance. Most of our patients come to us saying their doctor ran all the tests and said everything was normal. They are all then surprised to see that we have run much more extensive testing than their doctor had run. Also, with our functional analysis of the lab markers, we can identify early changes in the bloodwork that may be causing your health complaints.

The Bloom Discovery phase is the first, most important step on your new path to health.

On your initial consult we go over your health history and initiate a series of tests to help us understand your individual needs and find the most efficient and economical way to help you build your health. The Discover phase includes:

Initial Consult

• Have your first visit with us and discuss your health history and health future. Tell us how you’ve been feeling. Also let us know about any family health issues.
• Have the appropriate in–depth functional laboratory tests performed.
• Have the initial energetic testing done to assess the body at its energetic level and also assess the emotional body.

Lab Testing

• Comprehensive labs with functional analysis. Ususally a combination of blood, urine, saliva, and stool testing.


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Our goal is to help eliminate toxins from fat, organs, skin, and the digestive tract. We also seek to help eliminate emotional toxins that can have negative effects on the physical body. Often people are amazed how well their body works without a toxic load or burden on their immune system. In order to help your body detox, we may suggest specific nutritional supplements, Healthy Shots, natural Weight loss, nutritional IV’s or additional treatments. This is an important beginning to repairing the body. Toxins found in the air, water, and food just to name a few. Toxins can impair the body’s ability to heal itself. We help your body to “lighten it’s bad.”

A. Cleansing Smoothies
B. Detoxify Shot
C. Skinny Shot
D. Terrain Formulas

-Drainage for your most stressed organ systems to allow them to detoxify safely and effectively
-Nutritional support for main detox organs – liver, colon, kidneys, and skin
-Rebuild digestive function with pro-biotics, enzymes, and other key supplements.


[tabs title=”REPLENISH”]

Replenish is your opportunity to refill your levels of lost nutrients, minerals, enzymes, hormones and neurotransmitters. The stress of life and unhealthy daily habits can create deficiencies we often don’t know we have. Once some of the body’s toxins have been eliminated, an important next step is to give it what it needs. Our goal is to replete the body’s vitamins, minerals, enzymes, hormones, & neurotransmitters. To achieve this we utilize oral nutrients, bio-identicals, injectable nutrients, hormones, & topical nutrients.
A. IV Therapy
B. Intramuscular nutrient Injections.
C. Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement.
Intensive initial therapies to restore the body to adequate levels of:
-Amino Acids
-Adrenal Hormones
-Sex Hormones

This often involves the use of Intravenous or Intramuscular Injections and Homeopathic and Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy.
[tabs title=”REPATTERN”]

Includes lifestyle changes such as changing foods, exercise habits, stress-handling, and emotional processing. Also includes allergy and sensitivity clearing to repattern the way your body responds to nutrients, hormones, foods, chemicals, toxins, and environmental allergens like pollen and dust.
B. Inner Blossom
C. Diet Changes

[tabs title=”NOURISH”]

This is the maintenance component for your body after adequate levels have been replenished. This usually involves oral supplementation of high powered nutrients. Also includes a healthy diet of non-allergenic, blood type fitting foods.
A. Supplements
B. Blood Type diet
C. Healthy, allergy free foods for your body

[tabs title=”BEUTIFY”]

Bloom’s NOTOX Beauty™ is designed as a comprehensive anti-aging skin therapy. It utilizes highly specialized biologic medicine and specialized dermal application technology. This combination of natural substances has shown to be an extremely effective alternative to conventional pharmacological treatments, and has been used in Europe for more than 10 years. The NOTOX Beauty™ program is without reported side effects, and there is no worry of toxicity associated with many other anti-aging and anti-wrinkle products.

Bloom’s NOTOX Beauty™ program can help assist your body’s natural skin regeneration process, and can help stimulate tissue metabolism to improve overall tissue tone. People have reported a difference after just one session, however, the most dramatic results have been reported after receiving at least 5 consecutive applications.

Combining Bloom’s NOTOX Beauty™ program with proper nutrition, stress management, and regular IV therapy will produce even greater results. The nutrients provided through weekly or biweekly IV therapy can help expedite cellular turnover for enhanced skin rejuvenation and a more youthful, radiant appearance.

• Natural Anti-Aging Therapy
• Safe and Effective
• 100% Non-toxic

Bloom’s NOTOX Beauty™ program is the healthy choice for effective anti-aging medicine – naturally.

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