Testosterone for Women

April 27, 2015

Hi I’m Dr. Amanda Ward, naturopathic doc here at Bloom. Today I want to chat about testosterone, but not for men, testosterone for women.

I’m always shocked at how many people think that testosterone is just a male hormone, and yes, testosterone levels are much higher in men, but women really need testosterone, and it’s surprising how commonly we see it deficient in women.

So, what is this hormone? It is classified as a steroid hormone. Women mostly make it in their adrenal glands, but men also make it in their testes, but even other hormones can convert into testosterone. Even though women don’t need nearly as much as men, women need it especially for their brains.

Brain fog is a symptom of low testosterone. Testosterone is really important for metabolism. It keeps our muscle mass high and our body fat low. Another big thing that testosterone is important for is low libido. So many women complain of zero desire even though they love their husbands. I call it the “mojo hormone”. It’s known for increasing a sense of well being, making us feel sassy and increasing libido. Those are the biggest ones: brain, metabolism, libido, even just overall energy and vitality.

That’s why it’s really important to get testosterone levels checked, and if it’s low we prescribe very low-dose bio-identical versions of testosterone, and then we retest your levels after a few months to make sure your dose is right for you. I can’t stress enough that testosterone is not just for the boys, it’s really important for the ladies, too! Can’t wait to see you at Bloom to get your testosterone levels checked.

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